Welcome to SURGE

SURGE is a community of mobile veterinary surgeons. It’s a network. It’s a group of like-minded surgeons. And so much more. Amazingly, it’s free to join. It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to mobile surgery! And it’s 100% designed to help you, whether you are already mobile or you are considering going mobile.

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Our History

SURGE began in the summer of 2011 when the founders, Phil Zeltzman, Justin Harper and Jim Ballow met in Boerne, TX, to share war stories and discuss ways to improve their mobile surgical practices without reinventing the wheel.

We each felt that we were on an island, as there were few colleagues discussing the issues we faced on a daily basis: electric or nitrogen? Tech or no tech? LLC or S-corp? We quickly realized that, despite the differences in our specific practices, we faced many of the same problems: no second opinions, no negotiation power, no mobile surgery practice business standards. So we decided to share ideas, advice and best practices.



Get coaching from our experienced founders.

Save significant $ by working with our preferred vendors.

Be part of a nationwide network of like-minded surgeons.


  • Freedom
  • Schedule flexibility
  • Workload flexibility
  • Low overhead
  • High income
  • Help RDVMs keep patients and income
  • No on-call
  • Provide more affordable care to clients
  • Choose who you work with
  • Educate RDVMs
  • Train their technicians
  • Help RDVMs raise the bar
  • Interact with different people who are always on their best behavior
  • Work in different work environments
  • Take vacations whenever you want



Launching a mobile surgery practice is a little bit more complicated than loading a car with equipment and hitting the road.

There are all kinds of strategies to learn about: marketing, setting up fees, social media etc.

So reach out to one of us (info below) and let’s start with a chat. Completely free. No pressure. No commitment. Of course 100% confidential. We can discuss your situation, your fears and your dreams.

If you’re interested, we can start to coach you and help you accomplish your wildest goals. It’s truly that simple. Click “Apply” at the top of this page.

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